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Monica B.  San Francisco, CA  

A ROCKIN' agent team that helped us land our dream house! Super responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, and also very fun to work with (have to keep a sense of humor in house-hunting!). In this uber-competitive market, we GOT our house and could not have without them!! We are forever grateful to Ana & Pascal.

Henry P.  San Leandro, CA   

I had the pleasure of working with Ana on our most recent transaction in the Montclair area. She has to be one of the best agents I've worked with. She was knowledgable, thorough, and hard-working. She will always communicate with you on the status. It was a great, easy and SMOOTH transaction. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to working with you again.

Sophie L.  Palo Alto, CA   

We are a French couple. Just below is the story of our experience with Pascal and Ana Forest. The fact that they are a bilingual team was very helpful to us.

We bought a house in the East Bay in June 2014, thanks to the excellent services of Pascal and Ana Forest. From the beginning of our search, the market was tense, and very much a "sellers market". Pascal and Ana not only took the time to familiarize us with the area in order to define a search zone and be more efficient- they also had us benefit from their expertise in the subject of construction when we visited homes (they helped us verify foundations, plumbing, etc...). Ana and Pascal regularly kept us informed with objective criteria, which allowed us to review our notes and see the changes in our demands, in order to lead us positively through the process. After our offer was accepted, Pascal and Ana stayed in contact with us, and even helped us get started with workers and contractors to get our home improvement projects launched. We warmly recommend the Forest Team for the quality of their work, and for their faultless commitment to us.

Nous avons achetè une maison east bay au mois de juin 2014 grâce aux excellents services de Pascal et Anna. Dès le début de notre recherche le marché était tendu et nettement favorable aux vendeurs. Pascal et Ana ont non seulement pris le temps de nous faire connaître le coin afin de définir une zone de recherches et être efficace mais ils nous ont aussi fait bénéficier de leur expertise en matière de construction quand nous visitions des maisons (vérification des fondations, plomberie...). Régulièrement Pascal et Ana nous ont tenu informé avec des critéres objectifs ce qui nous a permis de revoir notre cahier des charges et nos exigences afin d'aboutir positivement. Après que notre offre ait été acceptée, Pascal et Ana sont restés en contact étroit avec nous et nous ont même assisté dans les démarches avec les artisans pour faire faire des travaux. Nous recommandons chaleureusement La Forest team pour la qualité de leur travail et pour leur engagement sans faille auprès de nous.

John G.  El Cerrito, CA   

We are so happy that we chose Ana and Pascal to help us with the sale of our house. They were quick to respond to any questions we had. The marketing materials that they produced were impressive. Actually made us reconsider why we were selling. When it came time for staging they even helped us move out furniture and brought items from their own home to decorate with. Ana and Pascal are a pleasure to work with and negotiated a great sale of our house through a tough closing. We look forward to working with them soon on the search for our next home.

Lea D.  Lafayette, CA   

As a Home Stager who works with the Ana and Pascal Realty team, I can attest that they go above and beyond for their clients.  In this market, it is important to have agents who will take the time to review the market and prepare a property in order to get the best deal for their clients.  After all, this is the biggest sale and/or purchase you most likely will make in your life time.

Gillian W.  Berkeley, CA   

Ana and Pascal Forest are excellent Realtors and wonderful people. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a powerhouse team to buy or to sell Real Estate. They have given me the best advice and impeccable service during my search for a home.  They have a wealth of knowledge from many years in the business and they know all about the many neighborhoods and schools in the area. Ana and Pascal are personable, smart, and reliable, and I trust them to make sure that all aspects of my real estate purchase are perfect. They have shared their personal wisdom and business acumen with me, and I know I am getting the best representation I could possibly get to make the right home purchase.

Christopher K.  Berkeley, CA   

We have worked closely with Pascal and Ana for almost two years now. They have helped with our primary home purchase, as well as several unsuccessful bids in the frothy market of spring 2012.  They also have helped us with the local house rental market, and we are currently working with them on potential investment properties and local condo purchases for an aging mother. Regardless of the price range or property type we have received the same attentive service and personal care. Both of them view the client relationship through a personal lens, and they bring their intuitions to bear on these emotional decisions as much as they bring their deal making savvy and financial know-how to the rational elements of the process.  If anyone asks me who to use as real estate agents in Berkeley l will encourage them to use Pascal and Ana. Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer or new to the process, Pascal and Anna will make your experience more enjoyable and as efficient as ever.

Eleanor W.  Berkeley, CA   

I would never hesitate to recommend Ana and Pascal as honest, knowledgable, and professional people. In my experience they go beyond the lines of strictly business to include patience, decency, and compassion to help with very complicated housing problems.

Samantha G.  Berkeley, CA   

I cold called Ana and Pascal from Los Angeles when I was considering relocating to Berkeley. They spent several days with me taking me to all of the neighborhoods from El Cerrito to Berkeley to Montclair and educating me about the area. I ultimately chose Berkeley and they led us to our beautiful home in the hills-- this was after a highly competitive bid for another house and was also a competitive process. I believe both Ana and Pascal go the extra mile in sitting down and presenting their offer to reflect the seller's intentions. I don't think I could have had better representation. Pascal has a discerning eye with respect to building quality and design. He knows all the in's and out's of the hills. They are not pushy but are in it for the long haul to deliver a good outcome for their clients. They will say-- are you sure you want to spend this much? They have also helped me in a bid for a house for my mother and they've called prior listings to try to dig up supply. With Pascal and Ana I not only ended up with a fabulous home but also with two friends I hope to have for a very very long time. (Also, they know tons about Berkeley schools too!)

April H.  Oakland, CA   

Friends and Family if you EVER need a realtor, Pascal and his lovely wife Ana, were the most amazing team ever!  I call them the Super Hero's of real estate!  Even when my mother was at her worst, and it got bad (she pretty much scared all the day workers so badly they didn't want to come back without me there) Ana and Pascal just took a couple days off and then came back and once again drove my mother around looking at rentals and then houses for sale when things looked more financially possible. You could not have a better team on your side and they complement each other’s skills very well.  I highly highly recommend them! They are my friends for life now, and I am very grateful :)

Richard M.  Walnut Creek, CA   

We worked with Pascal Forest a couple of years ago during the "foreclosure frenzy."  We asked him to help us find an investment property.  While prices were lower, the abundance of foreclosures and short-sales made the market especially tricky.  Pascal stayed with us every step of the way, always giving us his undivided attention; showing us every property we could think of!  Eventually we found and successfully bid on the perfect property.  Although we were probably below his usual price range, Pascal never once made us feel anything other than his sole focus. We would recommend Pascal unreservedly to anyone who values deep knowledge about the local market and a very high level of attentive personal service.

Beth N.  San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Ana and Pascal are a dream team. Incredible knowledge about the entire East Bay -- everything from how the houses are built, to market trends, and much more. Incredibly fast and helpful communication. This was my family's first house purchase in this area and we knew we were going to have a hard time competing because we didn't have a 20% down payment. We bid on a few houses and lost, as expected, but Ana and Pascal never wavered. They were paying very close attention to which houses were coming up and which weren't receiving multiple bids, and so on, and they managed to get us into contract on a house (without any competition) in the area where we wanted to live. All within a few months. Amazing! Plus, they walked us through every step of the process and answered and researched every question and concern we had. Besides being tremendously smart and helpful in any way, Ana and Pascal are real and down to earth. They're warm and genuine. If you must know, my family and I adore them! We have them to thank for getting us into our new home.

Paul S.  Upland, CA   

I found Pascal Forest to be incredibly insightful and helpful.  I contacted Ana and Pascal because I was unsure about whether and how to buy property in the East Bay, with a particular interest in the Berkeley Hills.  Pascal not only offered his services as realtor, but helped me to understand the financial dimensions of the purchase at a level of sophistication far beyond what I would normally expect from a real estate agent.  I have worked with three brokers in the past (in Southern California) and only wish I'd had someone so helpful from the get go!  I recommend the Forests to anyone looking for a combination of in-depth knowledge and clear communication.

Kaylia B.  Berkeley, CA   

I am not in the field but I know many people now a days need the help of good realtors. So I'm happy to heartily recommend Ana and Pascal Forest of Red Oak Realty. I could not recommend a more powerful realtor team and I am 1000% certain of it after what I saw them accomplish for a friend of my mother's last year. Ana and Pascal stuck with that client through thick and thin, over a year of research and linking fine points of special situations to serve this super complicated circumstance. The thing is, they never left any stone unturned! They worked miracles for this elderly homeowner and everyone benefited from their commitment, devotion and passion. I credit Ana with an amazing talent and ability to network and have vision while still keeping things real, grounded, maintaining super vigilance and forethought.  Pascal is a treasure trove of knowledge, expertise, of analytical wisdom and quiet energetic vibrance or what I'd call positive energy. Their experience is vast, maybe that is why they acheived this for my friends mom. The most deeply impacting aspect is how much they care about people. All people. They are the most caring Realtors I have ever met and I have met many. The point is, they really, really know this market place and offer so much because of being so familiar.  Their newsletter comes to me monthly now with so many important details, the trends and market characteristics. I have learned a great deal now from their newsletter. Ana and Pascal are the best. Thank you for taking the time to read this recommendation.